Ahead of the Apple Watch launch, Apple’s stock price continues to set new records. At the close of trading on Monday, shares of Apple were priced at $133 even, marking a new all-time closing high for the stock. Notably, the new closing price marks the first time Apple shares surpassed the $130 threshold.

THIS USED TO BE IMPRESSIVE: Apple is now worth more than Google and Microsoft combined

As it stands today, Apple’s market cap now rests at a mind boggling $774.69 billion, according to CNBC.

The impetus for Apple’s 2.71% rise today was likely a new research report from Barron’s which suggested that Apple, trading as high as it is already, may be strong enough to deliver 25% returns in just a year’s time.

When one adjusts for Apple’s 7-1 stock split many months ago, shares of Apple are effectively trading at $931. Over the past 12 months, shares of Apple are now up an astonishing 79.9%.