The images below are stills taken from a video, and no apps or clever visual effects were added. Instead, they were captured using a nifty new iPhone accessory called the “Trippy Clip,” which can clip onto any iPhone, iPad, Android device or even a laptop. The device is a small, inexpensive accessory that is currently in development, and it’s set to launch this summer.

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Trippy Clip was created by Connor Brereton, a 20-year-old entrepreneur who noticed something interesting about smartphone cameras. There are plenty of accessories on the market that allow users to add physical lens attachments to a device, but none of them actually change the way that a smartphone captures light.

So, he developed a fun new accessory that does just that.

Beyond adding prism-like effects to images captured on a mobile device, the accessories unique design also separates it from the pack. Where most lens attachments require a dedicated case accessory so they only work with one device, the Trippy Clip will clip onto almost any phone, tablet or laptop.

Trippy Clip is currently on Kickstarter seeking $15,000 in crowdfunding, and the least expensive purchase option is currently $20.

A video explaining the accessory is embedded below.

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