Remember how badass Legolas looked in The Lord of the Rings when he would rapidly fire off arrows at hapless orcs who actually thought they had a chance to kill him? Well that’s nothing compared to Danish archer Lars Andersen, who is crazy enough to study ancient depictions of archers in an effort to teach himself long-lost archery techniques. The results, as you’ll see in a video below, are highly impressive.

What tricks is Andersen using? Among other things, he places the arrow on the outside part of the bow that’s furthest away from him to reduce the time it takes to draw; he holds his arrows in his draw hand instead of a quill to reduce the amount of time it takes to reach for a new arrow; and he doesn’t do a full draw for each shot.

This has all resulted in a technique that allows Andersen to shoot three arrows in as quickly as 0.6 seconds, which any way you look at it would be hard to defend against.

Check out the whole thing below.