iPhone 6 owners looking for accessories such as protective cases, battery packs and charging docks should check out the iStand 6 multipurpose case that serves all of those functions and more.

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The iStand 6, which is currently looking to raise $30,000 in funding on Indiegogo, is a protective case that can be turned into a kickstand/charging dock, and it also contains a battery ready to deliver an extra 3,500 mAh charge. Furthermore, the iStand 6 also has a SIM card box that can hide additional SIM cards.

“The iStand 6 was designed from the ground up to provide complete protection for your iPhone 6. The case is made of durable, impact-resistant material, and features a raised bezel around the screen to absorb shocks that would normally shatter your phone,” the company says on Indiegogo.

The cheapest iStand 6 case costs $40 (the Early Bird version), or 60% off the retail price, and should be delivered on March 2015, assuming the project is funded. So far, the iStand 6 case got almost $2,000 in pledges, with 60 days still left in the campaign.

An iStand 6 Plus project will also hit Indiegogo at some point in the future, the company revealed.

Finally, a video showing a concept for this multipurpose iPhone 6 case is available below.