Samsung is continuing its Galaxy Note 4 marketing push with new humorous ads that also happen to show some of the highlights of the phone, with a particular focus on one of the features that differentiates the Note series from other smartphones, the S Pen. Part of Samsung’s Do You Note? series, the three new short ads have already been posted on Samsung Mobile’s YouTube account, and can be seen after the break.

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Titled Ready, Set, Saved; Ready, Set, Photo War; and Ready, Set, How-to, the three clips show different users in day-to-day instances, some more serious than others, who have to deal with various challenges with a little help from the S Pen-enabled phone. In addition to the S Pen, the commercials also show some special features of the handset, including Photo Note, app multitasking and Smart select, respectively.

Maybe not as funny as the Note pun-laden Note Pun Intended ad from late September, the three new Galaxy Note 4 ads are still worth watching — and you can see them in full below.