Google has already run out of available Nexus 6 stock, after starting preorders for the hot handset only a few days ago, and while it’s not clear when the phablet will start shipping to users — some reports say it will be launched on November 12 on T-Mobile — some of the early Nexus 6 buyers may get it a lot earlier than anticipated. That’s according to a Reddit thread that features a screenshot of an alleged conversation between a Nexus 6 buyer and a Google support person, as posted on Android Central’s forums.

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“Thanks for your interest in learning more about Nexus 6,” the message reads. “It’s always great to hear from our customers. As far as I’m aware, the Nexus 6 will not start shipping until around 11/03/13. We will process the orders chronologically. I apologize that I don’t have any additional details that I can share with you about when your Nexus 6 will ship; at this time, I am only able to share information on products that are currently listed in Google Play.”

Google has revealed in recent interviews that it plans to sell a more Nexus 6 units with help of on-contract sales from carriers, without revealing actual details for upcoming Nexus 6 carrier launches in the U.S. or international markets. The company also said that most Nexus 6 inventory will be moved through carriers rather than the Google Play Store.

An image showing a screenshot of this discussion with Google support follows below.

google-nexus-6-release-date-november-3Image Source: win465 | Android Central Forums