We just spoke with multiple sources at carrier stores and authorized Apple retailer partner locations, and the straight up fact is it’s going to harder to find an iPhone 6 Plus tomorrow than a Turbo Man. We are told that stores have been receiving shipments all throughout the day, and out of all the new iPhone 6 models received, typically only about 2-3% are iPhone 6 Plus units, and in only one color.

There is “no chance” of finding an iPhone 6 Plus unit to purchase tomorrow, we were told. Sources also said there are no 16GB iPhone 6 Plus devices to be found.

As far as the iPhone 6, all colors and storage capacities are available to some degree. Apple Stores are going to be the best bet as Apple always stocks its own stores with loads more inventory, but I don’t believe the Plus breakdown is going to be much different there.

We’ll keep you updated as other sources start to report inventory to us.