Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is the most hotly anticipated phablet of 2014… or at least, it was back when Samsung unveiled the new handset in early September. Now, Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus is official and according to Apple, it already represents half of the new dynamic duo that has become Apple’s fastest-selling iPhones of all time. To make matters worse, the new iPhone 6 Plus hits store shelves this coming Friday, September 19th, and while Samsung still hasn’t announced a firm release date for the Note 4, it did confirm launch timing this past weekend that will come later than most fans were hoping.

In a brand new Apple attack ad that was released this past weekend, Samsung used media reactions — including one from BGR — to mock Apple’s new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The spot is actually a fairly good and effective one, especially compared to the horrible ads Samsung released earlier this month.

The ad itself may be good, but a quick note at the end confirms less than ideal launch timing for Samsung’s newest flagship phablet: According to the video, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 will be released sometime in October.

Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus is already the phablet with more momentum following a record-breaking preorder weekend, and now it looks like the device will have at least a few weeks on store shelves before the new Note 4 comes along to contest it.

The full ad is embedded below.