The Moto 360 is one of the most appreciated smartwatches of the year – at least design-wise – because it has a circular design, very similar to what’s generally expected for a wristwatch. Apple chose a different approach for its Apple Watch — it designed a square timepiece with rounded corners. But what if Apple decided to go with a round case?

One designer took it upon himself to imagine what a round Apple Watch would look like.

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Using the Watch images Apple posted on its website, Alcion imagined what a round Watch would look like. The renders show what looks like an even slimmer Apple Watch featuring curved glass and a Digital Crown that’s hardly as prominent as the real one, but at least it’s placed in a central position that would make it easier for left-handers to use the device.

One of the problems with creating such devices though, and the actual Apple Watch is no exception it seems, is providing long-lasting battery life, so it may take a while until we see a power-efficient, slim, round smartwatch in stores – the Moto 360 isn’t quite there either, as it’s not really slim, and it’ll also have to be recharged on a daily basis.

Images showing this round Apple Watch concept follow below, with more available at the source link.