Google Now is already one of the greatest things to happen to mobile devices in the past few years. And every time we think that Google can’t possibly make it any better, awesome new functionality pops up that proves otherwise. The latest example is an awesome new feature that currently appears to be rolling out slowly to some users.

FROM EARLIER: We didn’t think it was possible, but Google Now just got even smarter

As noted in a report from Android Police, some Android device owners have begun to receive a behind-the-scenes update that brings the ability to control media playback with your voice to Google Now. For example, a user will be able to speak the words “Ok Google, next song” to skip to the next track in the phone’s music player, or “Ok Google, pause song” to pause playback.

This new feature will obviously end up being incredibly useful as Google’s “Android Auto” plans begin to materialize. Even now though, the ability to control media playback with voice commands while you work out or anytime you’re using headphones is quite useful.

A video from YouTube user MO James showing the new Google Now music player voice commands in action follows below.