Sony on Monday during its E3 2014 keynote revealed that PlayStation Now will be available as an open beta beginning on July 31 – the game streaming service which was unveiled at CES 2014 is already available in closed beta. The Verge has learned more details about the service, including how much it will cost to stream various games to supported devices.

The PlayStation Now open beta will be initially available on the PS4, and expand to the PS3, PS Vita and the PlayStation TV. The closed beta is currently available only on the PS3. Sony said that there will be more than 100 titles available from first- and third-party studios, with prices set between $2.99 and $19.99 per game, depending on the rental period. Specific details about rental periods have not been shared though.

Sony also plans to introduce subscription models down the road, while publishers and developers will have their own say when it comes to the final game price points.

In addition to North America, the service is also expected to launch in Europe and Japan at a later date in the future.