Although we just heard on Thursday from Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White that Apple would likely launch its first wearable computer in September alongside the iPhone 6, a new report from Nikkei claims that Apple won’t launch the iWatch until October. The report also claims that the new device will run on a modified version of iOS 8 and will have a curved OLED touchscreen, which seemingly hints that the device will indeed have a round face like the Moto 360 and not a square face like the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Nikkei also says that Apple is feeling very confident that its iWatch will be a hit, which would really make it a first among smartwatches. Among the reasons for Apple’s confidence are partnerships with both the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic to “develop specific ways of analyzing the collected [health] data and applying it to actual health management.” Apple is also working extensively with Nike on iWatch features, which should definitely give it a boost among fitness fanatics who already own plenty of Nike gear.

Because of this confidence, Nikkei’s sources say Apple is planning to sell between 3 million to 5 million iWatches per month, which would be pretty impressive since no smartwatch has yet broken through in the consumer market.