Best Buy has a pretty sweet deal for anyone looking to trade in their old smartphone for something new. Best Buy announced that starting on Sunday May 18th and going through May 31st, you can trade in any working smartphone and pick up a Samsung Galaxy S5 for just $50 on contract with Verizon. You can also get a Galaxy S5 for $100 if you trade in any smartphone and sign a two-year contract with either Sprint or AT&T.

And that’s not all: Best Buy also says that any customers who trade in an old working iPhone can get an iPhone 5s for free on contract between now and May 22nd. It basically works like this: If you trade in an iPhone 5, you can get a free 5s on Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, while if you trade in an iPhone 4s or iPhone 4 you can get a free 5s on Sprint and Verizon.

All told, these both sound like terrific deals for trading in old smartphones, especially if you were already planning to sign a new contract with your carrier anyway.