In an apparent attempt to enrage even more disgruntled subscriber, Time Warner Cable CTO Mike Lajoie reportedly compared his company’s service with Google Fiber. DSL Reports writes that Google Fiber was a major topic of conversation at The Cable Show in Los Angeles this week, drawing the attention of the cable executives that had gathered for the event. Some cable companies are clearly aware of the threat of Google Fiber, but TWC doesn’t appear to be concerned.

Google Fiber “is certainly a worthy competitor, if they’re going to overbuild us,” said Lajoie, but they offer “nothing dramatically different” than what TWC can bring to bear. “Their product works. Our product works just as well.”

A recent study from Ookla showed that TWC’s service might not work “just as well,” considering that average download speeds were reported to be 1% less than advertised. No matter how hard the poorly-reviewed company tries to divert attention from the lightning fast speeds of a fiber connection, consumers are taking notice. With Google Fiber rolling out to more locations than ever, Time Warner Cable is going to have to dig a little deeper for answers when subscribers begin to question why the the merging colossus that is Comcast-TWC was just voted the worst company in America.

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