Hot on the heels of reports suggesting Nike is done making its own wearable devices, a new rumor claims that Apple and Nike are teaming up to launch a new smart band this coming fall.

It’s no mystery that Apple is getting ready to enter the emerging wearables market, but most of the buzz has been focused on the much rumored “iWatch” that the company supposedly plans to release sometime this year. As it turns out, however, the iWatch may only be one of several wearable devices Apple is currently developing.

Or, as we have suggested in the past, Apple’s “iWatch” might not be a watch at all.

Geektime on Tuesday cited unnamed sources familiar with Apple’s plans in claiming that the company is currently co-developing a “smart band” with Nike. The report suggests that Apple’s new smart band will use Nike technology for fitness tracking, but it will also integrate with other devices to enable gesture controls.

Apple is currently putting the finishing touches on this new device, according to the report, and it will launch sometime this fall.