Samsung has apparently come up with a new strategy to get Apple to stop beating it up for $1 billion patent verdicts: Pass the buck to Google. NPR reporter Laura Sydell reports that Samsung attorney John Quinn argued during his opening remarks in the latest patent trial with Apple that “all the software on its [Galaxy Nexus] phone was created by Google” and that this software “is used by a lot of companies,” not just Samsung. Quinn went on to argue that Apple’s real beef is with Google and that its real target is every Android-based device now on the market. San Jose Mercury News reporter Howard Mintz comments that Samsung is “clearly going to use Google as this ginormous tech shield against Apple’s patent claims.” Apple, for its part, seemed to want no part of bringing Google into the discussion and its attorneys said during their opening remarks that it was Samsung, not Google, that was selling and making money from smartphones that allegedly violate Apple’s patents.