It took Nokia quite a few years to finally launch an Android device, and when it did unveil such devices they were not quite the awesome high-end phones Nokia fans have been dreaming of. Instead, Nokia unveiled a family of three Android smartphones – the Nokia X models – that are quite affordable and run a custom Google-less versions of Android. And it turns out that, at least for the time being, that’s a recipe for success for the Finish phone maker, which has apparently announced on Twitter that it only took 4 days for 1,000,000 Nokia X units to be pre-ordered in China.

Even though China is the world’s largest mobile market and the Nokia X handsets are very cheap off-contract options for buyers looking for entry-level smartphones, Nokia has reasons to be happy especially since Google can’t really make the most of Android in a market like China, where there are plenty of Android versions without Google services on board and third-party app stores that replace the Play Store. Even so, buyers that will want to install Google’s ecosystem on the Nokia X phones will be able to easily do so.

Whether Nokia actually makes any significant profits off its affordable custom Android devices, that’s another matter. The Nokia X handsets will go on sale in China on March 25, G for Games reports, and the X family will also be available in many other markets. The entry-level Nokia X model costs around €89 ($124), while the Nokia XL will retail for around €109 ($150).

The image posted by Nokia on Twitter to conform the Nokia X pre-order success follows below.