The stories we hear about Steve Jobs, much like the stories we hear about any public figure, often paint him in broad strokes — as a tough businessman, a nonconformist, a short-fused inidividual — but one Quora thread that has been floating around for years asks the denizens of the Internet to recount the smaller moments with the (in)famous Apple co-founder.

Dave Mark over at The Loop recently rediscovered the thread to find an amusing story from 2006 about one man who wouldn’t stop hanging up on Jobs. A snippet from the tale:

One day, the phone rings and the voice on the other line says “Hi. This is Steve Jobs calling for [agent].”

My friend: “Yeah right, pal. Good try.” And hangs up.

The phone rings again.

Voice: “Hi. It’s really Steve. Can I please talk to [agent]? I have an important matter to discuss.”

My friend: “Seriously, dude. Don’t call back again.” Click.

It’s worth checking out the whole story, so head over to the post on Quora and give it a read.