Sony has unveiled the latest round of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers to add to their Instant Game Collections. In March, PlayStation 4 owners will get their hands on Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition, an upgrade to the 4-year-old top-down shooter from the same studio that brought Resogun to the console last year. The PlayStation 3 will bring in the biggest haul, most notably the incredible Tomb Raider remake that received nearly unanimous praise from gamers and critics alike last year. Indie titles Thomas Was Alone and Lone Survivor: Director’s Cut round out the PS3 list.

If you own a Vita, you can pick up the last game ever developed by Zipper Interactive, Unit 13, along with the ancient Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite, which originally came out on the PSP. Sony has continually raised the bar over the past few months, but March looks to be a bit of a breather in terms of huge AAA releases. I still highly recommend checking out all of the PS3 games if you’ve got room for them, especially Tomb Raider.