Although Steam dominates the digital game download conversation, there are plenty of other services that offer deals and exclusives that Steam doesn’t. is one of those services, best known for its focus on classic PC games — games that might have been forgotten if not for some deep discounts and updated compatibility. The latest promotion is more than just a good deal though; it looks suspiciously like a timely jab as well.

For the next two days, GOG is giving away the original Dungeon Keeper free of charge. In case you hadn’t heard, EA recently released a free-to-play remake of Dungeon Keeper for mobile devices, a game which has incited such rage and frustration that Metacritic describes its cumulative user score as “overwhelming dislike.” If you want to give Dungeon Keeper a try, but you’d rather avoid waiting several hours to drill through a single block of dirt, head over to this weekend.