Samsung makes tons of great products and a number of “so-so” devices as well. The Galaxy Gear doesn’t fall into either of those categories. Samsung’s first smartwatch wasn’t just a swing and a miss, it was a strikeout. As we said in our review, the Galaxy Gear was a rushed product that sought to compete early with the “iWatch” — an Apple device that doesn’t even exist. In the end, it didn’t really compete with anything. Samsung is well aware of its huge mistakes with the Gear though, and the company is taking steps to correct them. According to a new report, those steps may actually be fairly considerable.

ZDNet Korea has a good track record when it comes to companies’ unannounced plans, and the site on Monday reported that Samsung has some massive changes in store for us with its second-generation smartwatch.

The Galaxy Gear 2 will look to succeed where the original model failed in two main areas. First, the device will reportedly feature a totally revamped design that is more fashionable than the first model. Our review noted that the design was probably the least offensive thing about the original Galaxy Gear, though there were certainly some things about the look of the device that could have been improved.

But beyond the Gear 2’s design, the site’s supply chain sources claim that Samsung will utilize a flexible OLED display in its new smartwatch. This potentially opens the door for a gorgeous curved watch face on the Galaxy Gear 2, which is a feature that could definitely draw some attention.

According to the report, Samsung plans to unveil the Galaxy Gear 2 in March or April, which means we could see the new smartwatch showcased alongside the Galaxy S5 in the coming months.