Sony on Thursday announced on its PlayStation blog that certain PSN features will be turned off during the European launch of the PlayStation 4 console to ensure a smooth experience for players, as the company is “expecting record sales and record numbers of people logging onto PSN at similar times,” alongside existing PSN users from the United States. The services that will be temporarily disabled on Friday in Europe include What’s New and the Content Information Screen. What’s New lets PSN users engage with friends that also own the PS4 console and discover recent activity, while the Content Information Screen lets users see the activity of friends based on specific game titles.

All other PSN features will be “fully available” during the November 29 launch, which means multiplayer support, trophies, video sharing and game live broadcasting features will work on the PS4’s European launch.

A couple of weeks ago, Sony announced it sold over one million PS4 units during the North American launch.