New hardware is playing a big part in Nokia’s plans over the next several months, but one compelling piece of first-party software that the company highlighted at Nokia World 2013 finally released on Wednesday, and it’s worth checking out for anyone who regularly uses their Lumia’s camera. Nokia Refocus is now available on the Windows Phone Store for any Nokia PureView  smartphone.

What’s cool about the app is that it allows you to take a photo and then decide what you want to be in focus later by selecting a focal point in the final image. Refocus captures and merges several images together, between two and eight depending on the shot, each with a different object in focus. You are then free to upload the photos straight to SkyDrive, where others can refocus your image or spruce it up with a feature called Color Pop. If you own a Nokia PureView Windows Phone with the Lumia Amber update, you can now download the app from the Windows Phone Store.