Lines as long as the eye can see formed overnight outside Apple Stores in major metropolitan areas, which can only mean one thing: iPhone launch day is finally here in the U.S. Both of Apple’s new iPhone 5s went on sale in the middle of the night online, but those who want a flagship model or an iPhone 5c in hand this weekend have no choice but to battle the crowds and hit the stores. Odds are good that most people out there this morning will be looking to get their hands on a flagship iPhone 5s, and we hope black and space gray is the color combination of choice for most of them — other colors might be hard to come by at many stores. Best of luck to those brave souls who trekked out today in search of a 5s. To everyone else, it’s time to sit back and wait for the inevitable stories of sellouts, POS system failures, activation server failures and all the other chaos that comes with the debut of a new iPhone.