A report from early last month suggested that mass production of Apple’s next-generation iPhone 5S displays would begin in June. Now, right on cue, the first complete display assemblies from Apple’s upcoming new high-end iPhone have seemingly leaked. The purported iPhone 5S displays pictured in leaked photos published by MacRumors have yet to be analyzed, but they appear to be very similar to iPhone 5 displays, as expected. Internally, however, there are some differences in the panel’s design that allow it to fit on the tweaked logic board from the new 5S.

BGR exclusively published images of several other internal parts that will be included in the iPhone 5S, and they also showed that Apple’s next-generation iPhone will undergo an internal overhaul as Apple looks to refine its original iPhone 5 design — and possibly make room for some important new components like a fingerprint scanner.

Photos of the purported iPhone 5S display follow below.