More smartphones are sold in China than in any other market right now, but Apple just hasn’t been able to establish itself there as it has in most top markets around the world. According to new data from Strategy Analytics picked up by The Korea Herold, Samsung bested several competitive local brands in the first quarter of 2013 to become the top-selling smartphone vendor in China. Samsung sold 12.5 million smartphones in China last quarter according to the firm’s data, topping No.2 Huawei’s 8.1 million units and No.3 Lenovo’s 7.9 million units by a huge margin. Apple sold just 6.1 million iPhones according to Strategy Analytics, good for the No.6 spot behind ZTE (6.4 million) at No.5 and Coolpad (7 million) at No.4. Apple is reportedly planning to launch a new mid-range iPhone alongside its flagship iPhone 5S later this year in an effort to better address markets like China, which are dominated by low-cost handsets.