T-Mobile previously revealed that it plans to offer HTC’s latest flagship smartphone later this year, however it is the only U.S. carrier that has yet to announce a launch date. The HTC One will be available from AT&T and Sprint for $199 on April 19th, and while earlier rumors suggested that T-Mobile’s version would be released on the same day, a new leak hints otherwise. According to internal documents published by TmoNews, the HTC One will reportedly arrive in select stores on April 24th. Similar to the initial release of the Galaxy S III, it would appear that not all T-Mobile stores will be carrying the HTC One. The company previously announced that it will price high-end smartphone such as the Galaxy S4, iPhone 5 and HTC One for $99 down and $20 per mont for 24 months. The leaked images follow below.

UPDATE: T-Mobile has confirmed on Twitter that the HTC One will launch on April 24th.

HTC One Tmo Leak

htc one tmo leak