It isn’t the “next big thing” Apple (AAPL) investors are said to be waiting for as the company’s share price continues to plummet, but Apple is reportedly prepping a new iPad that will be its first iOS device to pack more than 64GB of storage. 9to5Mac reports that Apple has a new fourth-generation iPad SKU that will soon hit the shelves at one of its retail partners’ stores. Details are slim but the site says its source noted the presence of the word “ultimate” next to the new iPad’s description in the retailer’s system, leading 9to5Mac to speculate that the new model will feature 128GB of internal memory, adding a fourth storage option to Apple’s full-size iPad arsenal. The 128GB iPad listed in the retailer’s system reportedly features both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity options. A purported image from the “high-profile” retailer’s inventory system follows below.

UPDATE: An update to 9to5Mac’s original post suggests the 128GB iPad will be priced at $799 (Wi-Fi only) and $929 (Wi-Fi + Cellular).