Still waiting for Apple (AAPL) to stock up on more $19 Lightning cables? Earlier in the month, iPhone5Mod unveiled the first third-party Lightning cable and dock for $40. The same company announced today it will begin shipping third-party Lightning cables for half the price Apple is charging: $9.90 plus $4 shipping to U.S.. The China-made Lightning cables should have a cracked clone of the authentification chip that Apple embedded into its own cables. iPhone5Mod’s cables ship on November 3rd with up to 10 to 14 days for shipping and delivery. If you do choose to buy one of these cables, do keep in mind that the company is probably not going to be responsible for any malfunction or damage it may do to your iPhone 5. Apple is said to be preparing to brief third-party vendors on producing licensed Lightning cables in early November. A video of the $9.90 Lightning cable follows below.

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