The United States Patent and Trademark Office recently invalidated all 20 claims of Apple’s (AAPL) rubber-banding patent, including claim 19, which the company used in its high-profile patent dispute with Samsung (005930). The patent relates to the bounce back or “rubber-banding” effect that is found on iOS devices when a user overextends a page while scrolling.

In its patent infringement lawsuit with Samsung earlier this summer, the Cupertino-based company successfully asserted its rubber-banding patent against the South Korean manufacturer. Following a reexamination of the patent, however, it was discovered that Apple’s technology, specifically claim 19 of  U.S. Patent No. 7,469,381, was considered prior art and therefore could not be patented.

According to FOSS Patents, Samsung has already asked that Judge Lucy Koh consider the new decision, although the patent office’s ruling is considered non-final and Apple will have a chance to appeal it.