Apple (AAPL) just got done announcing its new iPhone 5, however the company left out one detail during its press conference in San Francisco. Unlike the iPhone 4S, which included both GSM and CDMA radios for global support, the iPhone 5 is not a global device in the same sense that the 4S was. Apple will instead offer three different models of the smartphone depending on location and carrier. The models are the A1428 (GSM) and A1429 (CDMA), and while both include LTE connectivity, they each feature separate bands. The A1428 model is equipped for use on AT&T’s (T) LTE network in the United State and Bell, Virgin, Rogers, Fido, Telus and Koodo in Canada. The A1429, on the other hand, is capable of operating on Verizon (VZ) and Sprint’s (S) LTE networks and KDDI in Japan. The third model will support a variety of LTE networks across Asia and Europe.


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