Amazon Kindle Fire 2 Specs Nokia Maps

Amazon (AMZN) isn’t taking Google’s (GOOGNexus 7 challenge lying down. Unnamed sources have told Reuters that Amazon’s next-generation Kindle Fire tablet will include Nokia’s (NOK) location capabilities and map services in its next-generation Kindle Fire. Amazon’s decision to partner with Nokia instead of developing its own mapping service or incorporating Google Maps would give Nokia a much-needed boost in the run up to launching its first Windows Phone 8 devices next month. 

Even though the Kindle Fire is powered by Android, it does not natively support any of Google’s (GOOG) services such as the Play Store and Google Maps. BGR exclusively reported earlier this year that Amazon was prepping two new Kindle Fire tablets — a 10-inch model and an updated 7-inch version — that would include an improved build and metal casing. Amazon is expected to announce its new Kindle devices at a special press event on September 6th.