T-Mobile (DT) has confirmed that it is finally giving up on claims that it owns “America’s largest 4G network” beginning with a new advertising campaign that started running on July 10th. Did the nation’s No.4 carrier finally acknowledge that laying claim to a massive 4G network while preparing to begin 4G LTE deployment is somewhat questionable, at best? Of course not — instead, T-Mobile has conceded that AT&T’s (T) previous-generation 4G network, which covers roughly 250 million Americans, outreaches its own HSPA+ network. “T-Mobile became the first nationwide 4G network and began using ‘America’s Largest 4G Network’ in marketing more than 18 months ago,” a T-Mobile spokesperson told FierceWireless. “Since that time, competitors have worked to catch up as we’ve continued to expand and strengthen our 4G network. We don’t care to debate these last few POPs, and the numbers are constantly changing.” At last count, T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network covered roughly 215 million people.