The safety of workers at electronics manufacturing plants has again been called into question on reports that 61 people were injured by an explosion at a Pegatron factory at Shanghai’s Songjiang industrial park in China. Reuters on Monday reported that an explosion at a plant run by Pegatron subsidiary Riteng Computer Accessory Company injured 61 people and sent 23 workers to the hospital. Among other products, the plant manufactures back panel parts for Apple’s iPad 2 tablet. Pegatron Chief Financial Officer Charles Lin confirmed the incident. “The factory has not started operations yet,” Lin told Reuters. “Part of the facility is still under pre-operation inspection and part is running trial production.” Riteng spokeswoman Carolyn Wu added, “Our hearts go out to the people who were hurt in Songjiang. We are working closely with Pegatron to understand the cause of this accident.” An explosion this past summer at a Foxconn plant that manufactures Apple tablets killed three workers and injured another fifteen. No fatalities resulting from the Riteng explosion have been reported, and the cause of the blast was not immediately clear.