According to the recent findings of Web app performance watcher Compuware Gomez, the addition of the iPhone 4 to Verizon Wireless’ network has had no noticeable affect on network performance. This could mean sales of the highly anticipated Apple smartphone aren’t quite as impressive as many thought they would be. It could also mean that Verizon’s network is so beastly that it’s gobbling up all that new traffic and laughing at the competition — namely AT&T, whose network has been the target of countless iPhone-related complaints over the past few years. Finally, it could mean that Apple’s move to dump Infineon’s chipset and baseband in favor of a Qualcomm offering was a wise, albeit late decision. Granted, Compuware Gomez is only using four days worth of data in its assessment, so it could mean none of these things. For the time being, however, Verizon Wireless subscribers can rest assured that their network is handling the added stress of Apple’s iPhone 4 in stride.