With no more than a few weeks left to hold the arbitrary title of “world’s best Android phone,” Google’s Nexus S is sweating. In a last-ditch effort to make waves ahead of the dual-core Android phone onslaught set to hit CES on Thursday, the Nexus S is making headlines one last time. Courtesy of the fine folks over at the xda-developers forum, the Nexus S’ Hummingbird processor has been successfully overclocked to 1.2GHz, up from its factory rating of 1GHz. The already silky smooth(ish) UX on the Nexus S is further elevated by the bump in processing power, of course, and those with a need for mobile speed can finally have their hack-appetite sated. Typical you-might-bust-your-gear-and-void-your-warranty warnings aside, intrepid Nexus S owners should hit the read link below if they have any interest in overclocking their kit.

[Via Geekword]