Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg is likely none too pleased with the team responsible for writing a presentation he gave at a recent investor conference. In it, Seidenberg stated that his company’s LTE service could become a “modest substitute” for traditional cable or home Internet access. The press and blogs subsequently erupted, and rightfully so — at $50 for 5GB per month or $80 for 10GB per month (plus $10 per GB for overages on either plan), Verizon’s “4G” would be an extremely pricey cable Internet alternative. It would also provide service that is a fraction of the speed of current home Internet solutions. Cable Internet subscribers in many regions pay $30-$40 each month for download speeds in excess of 20-30Mbps and no finite caps on usage. In preliminary tests, Verizon’s LTE service achieved download speeds of less than 10Mbps with no load whatsoever on the network.