A new report Tuesday morning from CNNMoney.com states that Skyfire’s mobile Web browser for iOS has been approved by Apple. Skyfire 2.0, which the report states will become available in Apple’s App Store on Thursday, is one of several mobile Safari alternatives available for the iPhone. The main distinguishing factor touted by Skyfire, however, is the app’s ability to play Adobe Flash-based video content on iOS devices. The app achieves this by utilizing software on Skyfire’s remote servers to convert Flash video to an iOS-friendly HTML5-based format. The converted video then streams to the device from Skyfire’s servers. The crafty workaround won’t support interactive Flash content such as games, but many iOS users will welcome the ability to stream a much wider range of videos than had previously been available on iOS. The app will be available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and will cost $2.99 when it becomes available. Hit the break for a video demo of Skyfire 2.0 in action.