comScore has released their search engine numbers for July of 2010. The search market share numbers were gathered using a new methodology which only accounted for explicit searches (typing a search query in a text box) as opposed to including automated searches in the results (via hovered text for example). Analysts had predicted that removing automated searches would put a serious dent in Google’s search engine market share, and although the company’s metics did fall, a precipitous decline was not present. Google ended July with a 65.8% piece of the search pie (down from 66.2% in June), Yahoo! increased from 16.7% in June to 17.1% in July, and Bing stayed constant month-over-month at 11.0%. AOL shed a tenth of a percentage point from June to end up with a 2.3% share. All this occurred with a 15% jump in the number of users running search queries from a year prior and an almost 11% increase from June. Anyone recently abandon Google for another search provider? Any pros and cons you’d like to share?