Here’s an interesting one… Search company Yahoo! has published a press release stating that analytics company comScore misreported their page view numbers for June of 2010. How far off were they? Only about a billion page views. comScore had reported Yahoo!’s page views were down 7.4% in June and Yahoo! is refuting the claim — saying by their numbers views were only down 4.7% (that’s better right?). Yahoo!’s statement read:

Due to the size of the error, Yahoo! is making the announcement today as comScore does not generally issue restatements of its published reports. […] Yahoo! believes the factors that led to the error have been corrected and continues to have confidence in comScore data.

If you’re Yahoo! you want those one billion page views, and if you’re an analytics company you definitely don’t want to be off by a billion anythings. comScore has yet to release a statement.