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Bought a shiny new Motorola DROID X? Well, for the most part, it’s one rock solid beast of a handset, but we’ve been informed there is a pretty low to medium size privacy flaw (depending on your point of view), and have verified it ourselves. The Motorola DROID X actually will show text message and call history logs, even if you have deleted those items from the phone, via its contacts history function. All you have to do is scroll over to contact history in the contacts app and you’ll find the deleted information there. The issue doesn’t persist after an entire phone wipe, but it’s still a little disconcerting that any threaded text message conversations or recent calls would still show up after deletion. Check out our video after the jump for a quick run through of what we’re finding with text messages. We have reached to Verizon to find out if this is something they’re aware of / working on fixing, but we’ve also been told this is visible on other Motorola handsets, and it looks like it’s tied to the BLUR interface.