Oh, divested Alltel customers — did you think you were going to get the shaft again? Cheer up, as half of the dynamic duo for which we exclusively scooped Verizon launch dates this morning is headed your way. Unfortunately, it’s Robin and not Batman. The upcoming Samsung u450 Intensity is indeed headed your way according to Bluetooth SIG. Sure it’s not as sexy as the Rogue but all you maniacal messaging fiends out there will surely welcome a budget Bluetooth 2.0+EDR-rocking, side-sliding QWERTY into your families, won’t you? No word yet on pricing or a release date but considering the handset is hitting Verizon at $30 on a 2-year contract, we would expect Alltel’s pricing to be in the same ballpark on a 1-year contract.

[Via CellPhoneSignal]