Following the fantastic response to our earlier coverage and first round of beta invitations, we’ve been keeping up with the great folks over at Sensobi and watching their app progress. To recap quickly, Sensobi is a contacts and comms management app that looks to rethink the way you approach communicate with your BlackBerry. It provides history, rankings and a host of additional functionality in an effort to break users free of the typical stale contacts support found in most mobile phones. Preliminary response to its offering has been terrific and the Sensobi team has been hard at work updating the app ever since. As such, we’re happy to report version 1.4.418 is now available. Changes include the ability to sort contacts by last communication, greatly reduced memory consumption (anemic BlackBerrys around the world just breathed a sigh of relief) and a host of additional changes and bug fixes. If you’re already in the closed beta it’s time to update your current version and let us know what you think. If you came to the party too late to get in last time, BGR has you covered. How about another 500 invites exclusively for BGR readers? Just hit the read link to get started and remember, invites are first come, first served so get in on the action first and thank us later.

Clarification: No need to post in the comment section asking for invites, folks. Just click the read link, enter your info and away you go.