Holy. Crap. So, umm, have you been wondering what the Symbian foundation has been up to since revealing the mother of all development schedules? A whole lot, is what it’s been up to. Long story short, the team has cooperated with ST-Ericsson and ARM to build the first working example of multi-core goodness running on production chips with an open OS. Short story long…

Here’s what they slapped together:

  • Single chip base band and application processor engine
  • HSPA Modem Release7
  • ARM® Cortex-A9 MPCore

And here’s what it’s capable of:

  • HD 1080p camcorder and video
  • Up to 18 Million pixels camera
  • ~100 hours audio playback time
  • 10 hours HD video playback time
  • Simultaneously TV out over HDMI
  • Video and Imaging accelerator
  • HW accelerated 3D Graphics supporting OpenGL ES2.0
  • 2xWVGA (960×854) displays
  • Touch UI on 2 displays

Hot damn. We’ll take five. Of course this is just a proof of concept and please, don’t expect first generation Symbian^2 devices to be cooking with all that gas. But it’s all there — today. Right now all this adds up to a synopsis alongside a promo video intending to show potential partners what Symbian is capable of, but for us it means exciting times ahead, people. Exciting times.

[Via IntoMobile]