A simple post about the launch of T-Mobile’s upcoming Visual Voicemail service has revealed a proverbial goldmine of information about the Summer launch of several hot handsets for T-Mobile. In chronological order, we have the following phones and their respective launch dates:

  • Sony Ericsson CS8: 6/24/2009
  • T-Mobile Dash 3G (HTC Snap): 7/1/2009
  • Sony Ericsson CS5: 7/8/2009
  • Samsung t469 “Smiley”: 7/15/2009
  • Samsung t549 “XO”: 7/15/2009
  • HTC Rhodium (Touch Pro 2): 7/22/2009

Oh yeah, and there’s also a Visual Voicemail service launching on July 16th. Sadly missing from the list is the HTC Magic, aka the MyTouch 3G, whose marked absence from the list may possibly be explained by a pre-Summer launch date. No need to include the Magic if it will already be available before the end of June!