Back in the day, beer makers were faced with a marketing conundrum: How do you draw attention to your product when there really isn’t anything to differentiate it from every other competitive product out there? The answer they came up with… Naked women. These days, scantily clad females are less common in TV commercials here in the US, having been replaced by stupid guys doing funny stuff in beer ads, but that hardly means the spirit of “sex sells” doesn’t still rear its head from time to time. Take Casio’s new online ad for its upcoming Exilim C721. In the eyes of the general consumer there are really only two things that differentiate this handset from any other: a swiveling display and a water resistant case. With that in mind, how can Casio draw attention to its upcoming handset headed to Verizon Wireless? Hit the jump for the answer. On a related note, we hear Casio’s next ad run could be titled Debbie Does Digital.

[Via Engadget]