Next up in our coverage of Nokia’s CTIA handset highlights are the Nokia 7205 Intrigue and the N97 — two handsets that couldn’t be on more opposite ends of the spectrum. The Intrigue is a low end feature phone with an insanely tall and thin stature, unique styling cues and a polarizing design to say the least. The N97 on the other hand, is a sleek and subtle smartphone with the honor of being Nokia’s first touchscreen Nseries. The Intrigue was made specifically for Verizon Wireless and costs a mere $130 on contract. The N97 will probably never find its way to a US carrier and will cost you upwards of $700. The Intrigue was announced and released in nearly the same breath. The N97 was announced back when Carter was in office — or maybe it just feels that way — and it “should be released sometime in June”. A cheapo feature phone aimed at American tweens and a sleek smartphone that has mobile enthusiasts around the world drooling in anticipation… With range like this and the ability to appeal to such opposite markets/demographics, it’s no wonder Nokia is still top dog in the handset game. Hit the jump and enjoy a few hands on pics of your next handset — right after some more hands on pics of your daughter’s next handset.

7205 Intrigue:


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