Though the States seem dead last when it comes to mobile technology, we sure hope we keep up with what the rest of the world might start doing with their networks. It took long enough to build out 3G networks when the rest of the world had already been enjoying it for quite some time, but now that the high-speed footprint is growing 2G seems so two years ago. NTT DoCoMo has just announced an aggressive plan that will rid it of its 2G network by 2012. If you’re thinking that its non-3G users will be screwed, only 12% of NTT DoCoMo users are still using the soon-to-be-antiquated network. A whopping 88% of subscribers were on 3G as of December 2008 which makes getting that number up to 100% in three years much easier. For those who are still on the 2G networks, NTT DoCoMo will be offering incentives for subscribers to switch. With all the talk about AT&T reallocating its EDGE network to the 1900MHz band, maybe Big Blue should just step it up and dump 2G all together. Meanwhile, T-Mobile has yet to penetrate most markets with its own 3G network. Let’s keep up, people!