Back in July, Nokia announced that it would be discontinuing development and support for its BlackBerry Connect solution. For those who aren’t familiar with the application, or who can’t decipher its purpose from its straight forward moniker, it essentially allowed S60 handsets to communicate with BlackBerry servers. While it only offered basic functionality such as email, BlackBerry Connect was the only option for S60 fans whose companies made use of BES. The announcement that the app and service had been discontinued left a bad taste in many mouths as users wondered how Nokia could bail on BlackBerry Connect when its native email and PIM options were so lacking. Worry not however, as RIM is gearing up to grab the reins and steer the ship in a new direction. According to head of Nokia Messaging Tom Furlong, RIM is working on its own solution that will become available soon. Furlong seems to welcome RIM’s offering, a stark contrast from Nokia’s competitive position back when it initially dropped BlackBerry Connect in July. Apparently as long as RIM is doing the grunt work, Nokia is happy to welcome BES support on its Symbian handsets. Whatever the case may be, S60 users can look forward to a refreshed BlackBerry connectivity option, courtesy of RIM, in the near future. Wouldn’t it be sweet if RIM decided to go the BlackBerry Application Suite route on S60?

[Via Symbian-Guru]