For those of you that have been sitting at home, pining away for a shiny new Xbox-branded console to replace your ailing 360, you might want to consider taking up a new hobby. Robbie Bach, president of MS’ entertainment division, revealed that the company has decided to focus its efforts on continuing development of the existing generation console for the foreseeable future. According to the company, research has proven that fewer gamers are in the market to upgrade their existing system these days, likely due at least in part to the ailing economy. As such, the company is planning on concentrating its efforts of exploiting the Xbox 360 to its full potential, with plans for new features and further game development. This isn’t terribly surprising, but it’s still a bit disappointing given the relative ago of the Xbox 360, which went into production in 2005…almost 4 years ago. Now that Microsoft has shown its cards, what new features would you most like to see the company work on integrating into the 360?